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G-wall is everything you will need for a
personal training studio or a therapeutic
workroom. The multitude of equipment
versions of G wall enables various
applications. You will be able to organize a
functional training for all body parts and for
each group of muscles separately on a very
small area. At the same time you will have
all necessary accessories and equipment at
your disposal to do that.

These days in order to carry out a full-scale
training we no longer require 30 strength devices
and a set of cardio equipment. All that can be
done on just a few sqm in the comfort of our own
room. The G-wall training frame ensures a full
functional training for all body parts, providing
safety, comfort of exercises and quietness of our
own room.


Unique design of the frame for G-wall exercises enables a full and comfortable whole body
training on just 1 sqm. The correct course of training is guarded by a G-wall application
which is a component of the frame along with the history of trainings and a division into all
body parts. You don’t have to move or fold anything at all. The G-wall frame is also a unique
storage system. There’s really nothing here that could break down.

Several dozen years ago there were no bathrooms or TV sets in hotel rooms. Coffee
machines and fridges appeared only recently. The same is already happening with IN-ROOM
FITNESS types of solutions. Each hotel guest who trains and there are as many of them in
Poland as 3 million, will be likely to choose a hotel room equipped in a gym rather than one
without it.
On the other hand, if a room or an apartment with fitness equipment will cost on average by
20 EUR more, the investment in fitness equipment will pay off already after one year.

Power Post is a studio that may be entirely unmanned. Each studio includes, apart from the
set of accessories and devices, two training applications that ensure safe and independent
training and a possibility to generate reports to sum up the exercises.

G-Wall SH
The basic version of the frame takes a minimum
space but provides full body training. It is perfect for
installation at home or in a hotel room.

G-Wall MH
The basic frame version expanded by the possibility
of additional calisthenic training. Similar to the SH
version it will be a great fit in an apartment or a
larger hotel room.

G-Wall LH
LH is a higher hotel-home version enhanced by a
climbing ladder.
Due to its height it requires installation in rooms
with height of at least 2.8 meter.

PLUS is a basic version of the functional frame
with an additional gym ladder which additionally
increases training and rehabilitation opportunities.
It is made from the best quality of steel thanks to
which its durability is similar to the professional
frames in fitness clubs.

G-Wall XL
The XL version was enriched with a rotator and
long and short hangers for the barbell. It enables
conducting trainings with barbells, however, requiring
larger rooms. It will best suit larger flats, houses or
hotel training rooms.

Create your own G-Wall
Create your own G-Wall. Select the number of
profiles, the colour and choose additions as well as
accessories the way you like them to be.



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